Why ICan

The ICan ecosystem began to form in 2022, emerging from the needs of parents who moved to Cyprus with their children.Each relocated individual faced the challenge of adapting to new living conditions themselves and helping their children do the same.The concept of gentle integration through an educational environment in four areas answers this question:
ICan Kids private kindergarten
ICan School private school
ICan Extra system of additional courses
ICan Camp camps
Our Own ExperienceAmong the founders of the ecosystem are successful business and family-oriented parents from various countries. We understand that the results of quality education are seen over the long haul and offer a comprehensive solution so that parents worry less about their children's future.
Collaboration and InteractionWe create a system and environment based on constant interaction, finding new ways to expand professional, social, and cultural capital. This is possible through collaboration with families and communities, businesses and educational institutions, science and technology parks, states, and countries.
The Real World and Cultural DiversityWe know modern education must be connected to the real world and its problems, involving culture and knowledge about specific places and people.
A Comprehensive ApproachAn ecosystem approach leads to changing our ways of learning, thinking, living, and acting on the principles of interconnection and cooperation. This multifaceted and purposeful approach supports co-creation and cooperation, involving businesses and local communities in the educational process.

What is ICan

Our fundamental concept is based on lifelong development! Our goal is not just to educate but to facilitate the self-realisation of every individual.
ICan Ecosystem Mission
The ICan ecosystem is designed to help and support individuals, families, and communities in their desire and attempt to become better in the future than in the present.Thanks to a comprehensive approach, the ICan ecosystem helps maintain physical and psychological health, balance closeness and distance in family and at work, gain the trust of significant people and institutions, acquire useful skills, become confident in oneself, and be satisfied with one’s life.An educational ecosystem for open-minded people who strive for self-improvement, understanding the world, and acquiring skills for living in a thriving society.
ICan Values
  • Family
  • Human-centricity
  • Lifelong development
  • Collaboration
  • Individualisation
  • Community
  • Digitalisation
Join the ICan ecosystem and discover new opportunities for learning, growth, and development throughout your life!

ICan Team

ICan School Team
ICan Kids Team

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