Extra (additional courses) — the afternoon program starts at 3:00 PM and ends at 6:00 PM.

During this time, we

  • Develop life skills

  • Realise the potential of each individual

  • Teach flexible interaction with society

  • Experience adventures

  • Introduce the opportunities and demands of the modern world

Our mission is to create conditions for harmonious development, nurture well-grounded self-confidence in our students, and prepare them for a successful future

Extra - Extended Day

Organised childcare after school hours

  • Russian language classes

  • Active games and creative activities under the supervision of a teacher

  • Storytelling

  • Reading and discussing books

  • Homework Club - independent practice of knowledge and skills acquired during the lessons, preparation for the next day, completion of projects started during the lessons

This is included in the monthly tuition fee

Extra clubs

An additional education program aimed at developing cognitive, creative, and physical abilities

We believe that through participation in classes and projects, students can explore the world and themselves

  • Creativity
  • Sports
  • Knowledge

Creative, sports, and educational activities develop social and emotional intelligence, help in finding areas of interest, deepen abilities, and broaden horizons

Extra clubs

Held once or twice a week

  • Art and design
  • Clay stories and tales
  • Music (vocals and playing musical instruments)
  • Public speaking and vlogging
  • Programming, robotics, computer literacy
  • Chess club
  • English as a foreign language
  • Basketball
  • Fitness (yoga, sports, and dance)
  • First aid (basics of first aid with a certification upon completion)

Each month has its own theme

    • September


    • October


    • November


    • December


    • January


    • February


    • March


    • April


    • May


Dear students and parents,

We are delighted to welcome you to ICan School Extra.

Extra is a system of additional classes where we aim to develop each student's skills and offer the opportunity to try different activities. Our main goal is to help every child unlock their potential and achieve success. We place special emphasis on developing skills in various life areas, so Extra includes sports, creative, and educational activities. Here, students can expand their horizons, discover new opportunities, and unlock their creative potential. Welcome to our friendly and inspiring ICan School Extra community!

Head of Extra

Julia Sorokina


Anton, Alisa's father, 6 years old

The school is very good, the teachers are commendable, and the program is excellent. My daughter also really likes the school and attends with pleasure, even doing homework without any resistance from her. Overall, she's gotten into the swing of things! She has started to know more English and Greek words, has gotten better at writing, and her math has started to lag a bit, but I think that's normal for a 6-year-old.

Oksana, mother of Anatoly, 9 years old

Having experienced many years of "difficulties" integrating into the school environment (the school's constant demands to have a tutor, visit various specialists, and mainly seeing Anatoly's problems, which isolated him from other students in the class, depriving him of normal socialization), the transition to iCan school has allowed Anatoly to feel and be like everyone else! Yes, he has learning difficulties. Yes, he needs extra help. BUT from his first day at school, Anatoly changed! The overall atmosphere of kindness, the joy of the teachers at his achievements (even the smallest ones), the tremendous support from the educators, and Anatoly grew to love learning! He made friends and became a confident young man, joyfully going to school. Now at home, he doesn't ask for his iPad as often as before because he has new interests - he does Russian language homework on his own, writes in Greek, and studies various textbooks. And, of course, the space and beauty of the school building itself is a joy to the eye!

Natalia, mother of Vika, 6 years old

This academic year, the school is making a great effort to ensure comfort and efficiency in the educational process. Pros: The premises - it's possible to implement many more ideas. A large number of new, worthy teachers. Electronic diary - it's convenient to respond quickly to emerging grades. From the teachers, Vika highlights Mr. Ilya, Ms. Sandy, Ms. Natalia, Ms. Ekaterina (art). What Mr. Bret teaches is challenging, but this is expected and I think even necessary at their age to really elevate their language skills to the necessary level. One of the child's recent revelations was that Vika mentioned she no longer notices that some classes are in English, she was that comfortable 😊

Valeria, mother of Arina, 5 years old

The best indicator for me is that my child is very upset if she is sick and cannot go to school! Sometimes she even cries. For many of us as children, it was the opposite 😁. But seriously, the quality of the teacher selection impresses me because no matter which teachers you take, they are very knowledgeable and professional in their field, love their work, and most importantly, love the children! They know how to approach them, engage, educate, and make them fall in love with the subject. I really like and appreciate the approach to the child as an individual, offering choices at certain moments. During her time at school, my daughter has learned many English words and phrases, started to understand spoken English, learned to read short words in English, and, understanding how it is done, is learning to read in Russian. And how many musical instruments has she listened to, touched, and played during this time? It's very cool! Now at home, my daughter takes out tasks on her own, invents them, and does them. And she looks forward to going to school. Thank you!

Yulia, mother of Petya, 5 years old

The school is new, beautiful, and wonderfully equipped. A soft environment has been created for the children's adaptation. It is very nice that there is a Russian-speaking assistant in the class. I would also like to highlight the interesting additional activities. My child really likes the music show, clay modeling, and board games. Every morning he asks if there is physical education and is upset if there isn't. During mandatory lessons, the children do a lot of tasks, and we enjoy looking at the work on weekends. I am very pleased that in less than 3 months, the child has started to say some words in English and Greek, and I am very happy about it. Everyone in the school is polite, friendly, and always ready to help. I wish the school prosperity!

Anastasia, mother of Nastya, 7 years old

I express immense gratitude to the primary school educators, especially Ms. Laura and Ms. Anastasia. They create an incredibly warm, trusting, and friendly atmosphere among the children; always tactful and attentive. Learning English is through play, the tasks are diverse and fascinating, and most importantly, I see my child's progress in constructing sentences in English and in pronunciation. Studying English in the company of native speakers is a wonderful experience! iCan school helps to unleash the child's creative potential: artistic, musical. My daughter adores music and art classes. What a huge amount of work she has created this year thanks to the inspiration provided by the teachers. Wishing new heights, success, and prosperity to iCan school!

Tatiana, mother of Artem, 6 years old

First, I want to highlight the work of the wonderful teacher Mrs. Christina and assistant Mrs. Valeria. Reports are sent daily to parents about each subject, homework is noted, and significant moments in the class are highlighted, along with photos and videos. The presence of an electronic diary gives an overview of the student's progress. Excellent feedback is maintained, and comments on each student's personal diary on the electronic platform are well-articulated. The main thing is that my child is eager to go to school and gets upset if he has to miss a day due to illness. It's wonderful that the school offers almost four meals a day. Overall, I give a positive evaluation of the three months of school. At this point, my child is interested and engaged in the educational process, and that is what matters most. Thank you for the interest shown in the work of the school and its improvement on the part of the parents.

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