Food at School

It is vitally important for children to have energy for active learning, hence the school pays meticulous attention to the nutrition of students

It is paramount for us that students receive only the finest

  • Balanced hot breakfast and lunch
  • Healthy packaged snacks
  • Meals are served in the mode of a "Swedish table" (buffet)
  • The menu is regularly updated whilst maintaining quality
  • To ensure food is safe and of high quality, we collaborate closely with a renowned certified catering company, which meets the ISO 22000 standard, and we frequently visit their production facilities


Why is a school uniform necessary? It strengthens bonds among students, aids them in concentrating on the educational process, and eliminates the dilemma, "What am I going to wear today?"

  • The uniform is stylish, modern, and comfortable; it has been designed for us by the brand 1637 with student involvement
  • We keep abreast of the times and will introduce new versions of the uniform
  • Every Friday, we host Casual Friday, when students can express their originality and taste in clothing


At ICan School, we foster an environment where children can study in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Indeed, only in such conditions can students fully realise their potential and achieve success!

  • The school building is equipped with security systems:
    • Entrance control
    • Video surveillance and alarm systems
  • We implement fire safety measures and have devised evacuation plans
  • All school staff are trained in first aid
  • The school building employs a medical worker, and all school staff possess first aid skills, which are validated by annual certifications
  • We strictly adhere to organised entrance and exit rules, whilst only collaborating with certified transportation companies for our school buses