ICan School Building

The ICan School campus is a space of innovation and creativity

From the outset, our goal was to build not just a school, but an educational institution where every detail inspires learning.
A team of designers of international level worked on the navigation and identity of the school to reflect the spirit and values of ICan School in every element.
The walls of classrooms and corridors "speak" with quotes from great minds, charging towards success with a touch of humour. Spacious and bright classrooms are styled with portraits of personalities who have left a mark in history and art.
Students here will find an art room for developing creative abilities, a laboratory for engaging in scientific experiments, an IT class, a music class, and a large library. For physical development, there are spacious basketball and outdoor playgrounds.


The classrooms at ICan School are created considering modern approaches to education, taking into account the age-specific characteristics of children and teenagers

Each classroom is unique and adapted to the needs of the students, including thanks to the creative approach of the teachers. Each classroom has its own style and atmosphere, creating a unique educational space for each child.
Classrooms are equipped with interactive boards and ergonomic furniture, which is age-appropriate. Large windows provide classes with natural light, and air conditioners help maintain a comfortable temperature. The ICan School space inspires collaboration, questioning, discussion, and creation.
Art Class, Where Creativity BlossomsHere, students are supported in their creativity by the likes of Da Vinci, Salvador Dalí, and Frida Kahlo. The classroom instantly inspires the desire to grab an easel and start sketching the landscape outside the window.
Science Laboratory for Amazing ExperimentsPortraits of Mikhail Lomonosov, Marie Curie, and Isaac Newton on the walls look encouragingly at you, inspiring bold experiments. The school laboratory actively ensures our students' safety. All equipment for experiments and observations, including special tables and sinks, strictly comply with safety standards.
IT Class - A Portal to the Digital WorldHere, children can dive into the world of technology as soon as they enter the room. The classroom is equipped with modern technology, allowing students to explore the achievements of the digital world and try their hand at developing their products.
Music Class - A Harmonious JourneyStudents immerse themselves in music accompanied by musical notes from the piano, ukuleles, recorders, and guitars.
Library - A Treasure Trove of Knowledge and StoriesNew and classic literature in English, Russian, and Greek are organized on convenient shelves.


The bright and spacious cafeteria is located on the ground floor of the building

Large windows let in the Cypriot sun, which brightly illuminates the space during the day, and offer views of the sea and the seaport. This light and spacious area has become a place where children can enjoy a tasty lunch and snacks.
The menu is designed with the nutritional needs of growing children in mind, ensuring it is both nutritious and delicious.Learn More About Food at School
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